Peter in Flight is now on

It’s an exciting day for me as I launch the marketing campaign of “Peter in Flight” my debut work of literary fiction. Last week I spent my time requesting early readers and independent websites to post reviews. There were a few dollars dropped on ad’s and newsletters. It’s all part of promotion.

But today, today is the day I tell everyone on Facebook and Twitter that “Peter in Flight” is ready for purchase. Already I am seeing the purchases tick off and the warm welcome from friends and followers with encouragement.

What is "Peter in Flight" about? At its core, it’s a love story about a man named Peter. With no home, no car, and no family, Peter has two things in his life; a job that keeps him in transit year round and the feelings he has for someone who might never know or return the emotion.

What is it like to be on the road 52 weeks a year with only a phone call or email to keep you grounded? What’s it like to have met tens of thousands of people and still be alone? Peter can tell you. He can tell you every detail about the competition, about a good trade show or marketing event, he can tell you the life stories shared over reception cocktails shared in anonymous confidentiality, still, he can’t tell the woman he loves how he feels.

Peter in Flight” is the perfect read for your next business trip, extended flight, or layover. Sometimes you have to leave to appreciate coming home.