Reviews, honest critiques, are important to selling. Having one customer as a reference to another is one of the highest and most trusted ways to close business.

Hearing or reading reviews, while important to work, is one of the toughest things for me. In my daily work it can send me to the heavens to hear that our product has helped. Just as easily hearing that the product sucks, or even worse doesn't work, can turn me. It has provided me one great thing, a thicker skin.

Ten or fifteen years ago a harsh word from someone would crush me. Especially after the long hours or hard work I may have put into the effort. Today, it is less painful. I am certainly more appreciative of others work having tried so many things myself.

So here, I will circle back to my point. Honest reviews are important to sales. While I love to read that my work is good, or that a reader has enjoyed it, I think it is important to be honest.

If you feel you would like to write a review, good or bad, about “Peter in Flight” I would like to thank you. Here are a few places I would recommend you try if you enjoy reading, or already have an account: