Thank You!

So there I was last May, putting the final details into the Amazon website to publish “Peter in Flight”. I had been reading about all the lessons learned and best practices about releasing your ebook for the Kindle other authors posted on their blogs. As suggested, I made a running checklist of all the things I had to do for success. One of them was a free promotion and marketing plan to support it.

Then, life set in. Things at work picked up, there were places to go, people to see, and the marketing plan I had crafted at the start was fading. Still, every Saturday and Sunday morning I spent at Zingerman’s coffee house writing the next book, and spending a few minutes on promotions.

Two weeks ago I received a reply from one of the websites I had contacted months back telling me that she enjoyed the novella, and there were other things her team could help me with. This is an offer that often comes with a price. However her advice was free, don’t forget to follow your marketing plan, and offer a promotion.

I can’t begin to thank you all for your support over the last few days at the start of this promotion for free downloads. With your help and a follow through on those marketing plans there were just over 5,000 downloads of “Peter in Flight” on Saturday afternoon shooting it up the Free Book Charts. It hit #1 for the sub category of Literature Fiction late on Saturday afternoon.

While I had little hope of making the Top 100 Free Books on Amazon I stayed up late watching the number of downloads come in with an enthusiasm of late election nights. In a fuzzy haze when the cats stand on me to let me know that it’s 5:30 AM each morning, I checked the charts again to find that during my slumbers “Peter in Flight” had been ranked #19 on the Amazon Top 100 Chart. The weekend has been a dream for me. With many lonely hours writing away hoping for a positive reception from readers it is rewarding to have so many of you continue to download something I’ve written, or to read reviews that you post.

Thank you very much for the wonderful support. I will now stop torturing you all every twenty minutes on Facebook with updates… until the next big promotion.

Paul PetersComment