What is next?

Currently my next book, Insensible Loss, is in the process of editing. Highly skilled and talented people work on the interior and exterior of shaping my ideas into perfection. (That is a really nice way of saying, I am a poor speller, and this really smart woman helps me with that.)

But what is the next book after that? Insensible Loss is on to the next steps of being shaped for your reading pleasure, what about after that? It is a question I ask myself all the time. It is not for lack of ideas, rather, it is the opposite. Not all ideas are equally good or what you, my dear reader, will want to spend your time with. So I am looking for your help in what I write next.

You will find I have added a page called "Whats Next" to this site. There you will find a synopsis of several ideas waiting to be turned into books. Take ten minutes and vote on which story you would like to see from me next! Sign up for the early reader program and you ill be included in early releases, updates and news in the stories you help to shape.


Paul PetersComment