What is your book about?

Many people ask me “what’s your book about?” It is a difficult question to answer. It’s about so many things. It’s about family, it’s about friendship, it’s about love, and about making the best choices you can in life - without carrying too much regret.

When I answer it’s about family, people ask “is it based on your family?” I have to say no. Because for those who know me well, they recognize little snippets that ring some truth about me.  This story involves people who are wily, lecherous, mean, and have generally loose morals. I am the only person in my family who fits that description. All the other members of my family are kind, loving, saints who have put up with my shenanigans over the years.

When I answer it’s about friendship, people ask “which character am I”, “Or is that character really supposed to be so and so?” You will find when reading this for yourself that I have taken the best of my friends and have evenly sprinkled them amongst the characters to make sure that any faults my friends may have are concealed – because we are truly at our best when we are together, and none of us really see’s the shortcomings in each another. Friendship is one of the most rare and valuable things you can find life. Friendship is a relationship that is stripped of the selfishness of sex and economy - there is so little in it for the other person, that true friendship should be cherished when you find a chump who will let call you them “friend”.

When it comes to making choices in life, Glenn Campbell wrote the best lyrics. “There’s been a load of compromisin’, on the road to my horizon.” Those few words say so much about character. They capture the protagonist’s father very well. A character looking back on a life when he tried to do the right thing; but over the years found it’s difficult to do consistently. We have to live with those compromises. People in our life are impacted by those compromises. That is part of the book as well.

Which leaves us on the topic of love. Make no mistake - there is love in this book. There is also hot stimulating sex. The sexiest and smartest of the characters, my favorite character in the book, brings clarity about the difference between love and sex and all those little things in-between. I hope that you will love this book, and not just have sex with this book. My hope is that you will want to share that love of this book with your friends and family. You will make the right choice to share it with others.

The other frequently asked question I get is, “What inspired you to write this book?”

In the first chapter our protagonist Hank Hanson explains a situation to his close friends. He asks, “What do you buy your mothers second husbands, third wife, for her father funeral?” I thought long and hard about this sentence when my brother asked me that very thing many years ago. It was something I realized that only he and I understood. It was nothing I could ask my friends. Even when in my mind when I mapped out which person in my life outside my family would understand that having parents that were remarried, full blooded siblings, half blooded siblings, formerly legally bound siblings, and the children of people who you would think I was related to, but am not, in addition to all the baggage, responsibility, and miles put on the car over the years spent with them. When I mapped the potential candidates out, it took the form of a snowflake.

That was the spark of the idea. Here is the first chapter of what resulted in that spark – The Symmetry of Snowflakes.