Insensible Loss

Like many of you, I listen to podcasts. I have several favorites that I cycle through during the week. Some are background noise to life with funny stories, others are deep discussions on special topics. One of my favorites is called “A Way with Words.”

Just thinking the title makes me think of Steve Martin’s Roxanne “Worms, Roxanne, I was afraid of worms! but I digress…

Last spring there was an episode calledInsensible Losses” where one of the hosts Martha Barnette talks about the recent discovery of this term with her husband while earning about hiking.

More than 60% of the human body is made up of water. Clean water is critical to human life. This term, insensible loss is one which describes the amount of water a body will loose without noticing. Most of the water we think of loosing is through evaporation and cooling the body. A large portion is lost through breathing. With every breath, even during little to no activity, we are loosing water without awareness.

We are unaware of so many things in our life that float off into vapor or slowly drip away. As I get older my tolerance slips away for loud kids with their rock and roll music. My hard line ethical certitude is more gray and tolerant of others beliefs. Compromise becomes more frequent. I don’t know if I am alone in this, but I know that the change has happened.

The next book I release will be called “Insensible Loss” and deals with that slippage over a life time of these things we once held so tight. Right now it is in second draft, and I am targeting January for release. There will be a copy sent to Martha Barnette with a thank you note for her introduction to the term and the spark of inspiration.