Keeping score

This post is being written just moments after completing the first draft of a work called “The Joy of Lying”. In the current version, it is about a young man and woman who had been dating throughout university. A year prior to the start of the story they had broken up. They meet again on the streets of Austin one Friday night. Quickly, he realizes that when she walked out the door on him and broke his heart, there was no place for her to go. She had been homeless all this time.

How much do we lie to ourselves is the question eating at me. All the time is the answer. Call is justification, call it perspective, call it the passage of time; but really, they are just the lies we tell ourselves so we can look in the mirror.

I like to think of myself as a writer. You may even catch me introducing myself as one. To keep score, I have self published the titles – Peter in Flight, The Symmetry of Snowflakes, Mr. Memory and Other Stories of Wonder, and Insensible Loss. I have written, but not published, American Appetite, Everybody’s Birthday, and now The Joy of Lying. For the record, that is seven titles I have written. Yet, I do not consider myself an author. Some days I will admit to being a software guy, and most times I identify with being a trade show guy.

If I were to stop lying to myself, I would admit, at best, I am middle management at a software company, who writes as a hobby. That is not a bad score. It is a decent self assessment on accomplishment. There are lots of in between things to have skipped (20+ years at least).

This is the tricky part here… I don’t think I am going to release the book I just finished. Not yet at least. I could spend the next several weeks re-writing, get in front of an editor whom I really enjoy working with, and crank something out. Instead, for those of you keeping track at home, I am going to write another book over the next few months. There is no working title. It is a thriller that came to me three weeks ago. I have an outline. It is an interesting story. Much more interesting to me than the one I just finished. Once the thriller is done, I may come back to The Joy of Lying, rewrite, clean up, and work with the editors. It needs to settle for a while. If I were making bread, the dough would need to rise.

That’s the update! Happy reading! Buy my books Peter in Flight, The Symmetry of Snowflakes, Mr. Memory and Other Stories of Wonder, and Insensible Loss, more are on the way.    

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