Canadian Geese are assholes

In my home of the big mitten, Canadian Geese are a plentiful sight. We have crossing signs on roads near large pools of water where they congregate warning drivers they are near by. I have seen my share of cars stopping in the middle of traffic to allow these little poop machines and their families waddle across the asphalt.

Let us put this in perspective:

Canadian Geese fly thousands of miles each year in migratory transit, but decide to walk the 50 yards in traffic to the other man made pool with a water fountain.

My suspicion is that our good friends to the north are some how capturing all that pent up rage and anger they are know to never carry (Canadians are truly the nicest people in the world) placing it in these large birds, and sending them over the boarder to mess with us in the US.   

Paul PetersComment