Cats - the authors companion

There are days when I see my two cats, sleeping in their usual and well-worn spaces, and I think to myself, “wow, I have cats.” I have always liked cats but for years feared that my maturity level may not be a match to keeping pets alive.

“It’s easy.” my sister said. “They will remind you when you forget them.” Which has proven to be true. In the morning, when I have not awakened, they will stand on me and remind me that today is another day for living. If they can see the bottom of the food bowl, they let me know to fill it. When opening a can of tuna, or for that matter a can of anything, they remind me that they really like tuna.

One of the areas my cats are particularly interested in is self-publishing books. This may seem to be a stretch for the normal domestic short hair; but my cats get very excited about each step of the process.

When I write, they like to sit on my hands and keypad. When the new books arrive, they greet the delivery at the door. New boxes? You might as well call them the new fortress. Pencils and writing instruments are perfect for batting off the table, or chewing, or hiding under the couch. Most of all, the label maker means we are in for fun. Removing the little strips from the self-adhesive shipping envelopes, make for the words greatest toy.

Cats, especially my own, are perfect companions for authors. They are an inspiration. They are a source of no-wage employment the self-publishing world.   

Paul PetersComment