Readers Wanted

Author seeking readers: must enjoy the brevity of a clean sharp sentence, the mystery of possible outcomes, and understands that there is a subtext of what isn’t written. Ideally patient: not all dialogue is wining, metaphors sometimes get mixed, and there are eight type-o’s (like Waldo, turn it into a game and find them).

Special talents include: ability to read in a moving vehicle (including, but not limited to, bus, train, car) in one place (park bench, waiting room, desk, bed, chair, or special nook) in a crowd (restaurant, coffee house, park, or DMV) or all alone. The ability to hold a paperback or e-reader with one hand while doing anything or everything else is a bonus.

If you have these skills, please apply to this newsletter and you may be rewarded. One lucky name will be drawn to win an Amazon Kindle Oasis CLICK HERE

Paul PetersComment