“All you have to depend on is yourself and your luggage”

This year my schedule will put me at about 40 weeks on the road for travel. Luggage is one of the most important things to consider when you are away from home. One of my favorite movies Joe vs the Volcano empresses it in one quick and unforgettable scene YouTube Video

    Have you thought much about luggage, Mr. Banks?
    No, I never really have.
    It's the central preoccupation
    of my life.  You travel the
    world, you're away from home,
    perhaps away from your family,
    all you have to depend on is
    yourself and your luggage.

Over the last four years the bag I have been carrying looked more like a briefcase. Two handles, sturdy build, lots of pockets, and a tremendous amount of space called The Empire Builder by Tom Bihn. This bag is indestructible and carries everything I need and more. There are so many great things about this bag, but it is heavy. So I have been looking for an lighter alternative.

A pleasant discovery on Kickstarter, Bobby Anti-Theft backpack by XD Design, came to my attention as watched a different Kickstarter investment I made almost two years ago was fail miserably. Bobby looked very promising.

The look of Bobby was handsome, very professional and considerate of the needs of a traveler. So I ordered one in gray. XD Design was the ideal business partner you want to find on Kickstarter. They communicated frequently, remained transparent about the process, and delivered what they promised on time.

This last week I took Bobby with me to see if he could keep up. Monday I traveled to Boston, Tuesday to Detroit, Wednesday was to Richmond Virginia, Thursday I flew to Atlanta, and Friday I came back home.

Bobby feels light. In my hand by the handle, or strapped on to my back, I often forget that I have a backpack on. This with all the items I carry inside. Designers have made Bobby with the items travelers carry in consideration. There is a pocket for my laptop, padded for safety, and straps to hold it in place. There is a pocket for my iPad with the same design, that also fits my book. Small storage spaces hold my wires, battery, small utility box of plugs and wires, with a pocket at the top for easy access smaller items. Each side includes hidden pockets that hold my passport, keys, wallet, iPod, ear buds, cleaning cloth for eyeglasses, 3oz hand sanitizer, and car park tickets so as not to get lost. And then, in additional all that, there is another deep pocket that is in the padding of the back. This holds all those bits of paper and receipts that one picks up for expenses.

I found that the design of all these pockets and placement allowed for very easy access while I was traveling in cars and in planes. I could not reach them while wearing it, but sliding it off quickly, everything was available and secure. There was no spillage.

15" MacBook, cord, extra battery, iPad, book "Mr. Memory", Amazon.com utility box, and much, much more... in a lightweight and easy to carry backpack.

15" MacBook, cord, extra battery, iPad, book "Mr. Memory", Amazon.com utility box, and much, much more... in a lightweight and easy to carry backpack.

Bobby opens up fully and flat when you need to pack or unpack. Bobby opens up a little for a hand to reach in and quickly grab what is needed. What a brilliant idea! It works wonderfully.

On the side the rests against your back is a wide strap. This strap and the bag handle are in perfect alignment that when you don’t want to carry the Bobby you can secure it on the bars of your roller/drag bag in complete harmony.

There were several positive comments during my travel on Bobby. In waiting areas and airport lounge people asked, “who makes that?” and “where can I get one?” It would have been a good marketing place for XD Design to include a few business cards to hand out with compliments.

At first I was concerned that Bobby might be too small for the amount of things I carry with me during the week. But everything fits right into place with much less weight.

The one minor point I am keeping my eye on are the zippers, and how long they will last. With the change in humidity, there was a relaxing in the fabric around the zippers near the bottom one day, but it wasn’t much to correct for – just a point to note for consideration.

I highly recommend Bobby Anti-Theft backpack by XD Design It something I can depend on.

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