National Geographic traces the adventures the Ponthieva (by chance)

There is this strange cycle of interests and ideas that churn through the culture. I will think, "oh yeah, that is a good idea", write half of it, then discover someone else beat me to it.

Inspiration comes from many sources, articles, books, blogs, shows, movies, that it can be difficult to find something new and unique. Just recently I am reminded of Stephen King Under the Dome had several questions about how it related to The Simpsons Movie

So it was with great pleasure last week that in reading my digital copy of National Geographic there was a story called In Search of the Lost Empire of the Maya. Quickly scrolling through the images here I found them very familiar. They looked like the location in my mind when writing the adventure of the crew of the Ponthieva. There were the steps that were climbed above the tree line to find the hidden treasure room, the white stone of the pyramid, haunting faces of lost gods, and even a map that shows the near proximity of the rivers forged with other possible locations of adventure nearby.

Two things leapt to mind seeing these. First, how fortunate I am to have a cover designer like Nicole Ray (see more of her work here) She did an excellent job in capturing this lost city. Second, what a nice change it is to be ahead of the idea churn for the first time, by nearly 18 months. 


National Geographic In Search of the Lost Empire of the Maya

Nicole Ray on Etsy

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