First Drafts

"First Drafts" is a page on my website where I post early unedited and unshaped content. Some are novels, others short stories, and a few unfinished in the works.

There are a few reasons I do this.

First, the integrity of the work. I like to keep and save copies, even bad ones, because you never know what will happen to a file or a laptop. This way there is always a version that I can go back to if the worst were to happen.

Second, is process. Some people ask about, or think about the process of writing. Each person has their own. This is a clear way to show what I go through. I look back and can see the evolution of thoughts ideas and skills.

Third, is legal copyright. There are several works that will never go past my laptop because I see something or read something that is so similar. I am not saying that it is stolen, good lord no... but ideas are often in the air, there are several takes on it, and this way, I can put a date with the progress. I look back and go, "yeah, that is my take on that concept, but now that this other medium has produced the work, I might not spend more time on my version. The best example was a year I spent writing a story about a man who is trapped living in an airport after reading an article about a true life situation that was similar. Then, Tom Hanks starred in a movie about something very similar. My version will go unseen to anyone else, but involved a stolen fortune, and two retired police officers from Florida.... I may... now thinking about that... post it on "First Drafts"  

Forth, share with the readers. So many nice and kind things have been said about the books I have self published, that I hope to give back to the readers the same kindness. Often I am just so humbled that anyone would buy and read my work, let alone say nice things about it. The least I could do for those who are interested, is share an extra level of value if they are interested.

It is not regularly updated, but full of goodness, and free reading if you are interested and can look past the errors:  

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