First Chapter Preview - Killing the Devil

At the time of this post I have spent the day going back and forth between preparing for a writers workshop and setting the release date for Killing the Devil on August 15, 2017.

As part of that Pre Order message the first chapter is in preview (front page, go there and download). There are a host of wonderful tweets and videos on the way to match. This is the business side of being a writer. Its a reminder that I have built a team of great people to help me edit, and are patient with me in the internal design process (thank you Jason Orr and the team at JERA).

As for the writers workshop #mww17 I am looking to make many new friends, learn about writing, and improve what I have to offer all you readers- Midwest Writers Workshop. I know 2017 is sold out now, and I have been looking to attend this group for the last five years. Really hoping this one is special... because I am selfish... I am sure all the other years were great, but this one special.