One with Nature

I love my cats.

Peri Winkelberry and Queequeg have been wonderful companions. Every morning, hours before the sun rises or alarm sounds, they sit on me and wake me up to make sure I haven't passed in my sleep. When there is a loud and scary noise, they are quick to dart under the covers.

If there is ever a question that gravity has stopped working, my cats will sit next to me on my desk while I write and knock pencils, pens, and other kinic nacks off the ledge proving and comforting me, "see, you are fine, gravity is still there."

During the winter I worry about exercise. They tend to sleep for many hours. There is no running around. So I put on the YouTube video that shows birds and squirrels eating seeds in the park. For hours they are attentively tied to the monitor watching every movement. Cat taps pat the screen in hopes to make them real.

So this spring, I decided to buy a bird feeder. I also purchased a large bag of seed. Every three to four days I add more seed. I make a few lines for birds to peck at and dance on. My cats love this. Peri Winkelberry and Queequeg spend all day glued to the window, inches from the prey, chirping cat chirps, "Paul, get over here. You are missing all the action. Birds! Squirrels! Look!" To find them happy makes me happy.

How do the birds feel? My parked car now needs to be washed twice a week as coats of shit cover the hood, windshield, and roof.

I am a cat person. I hate birds.

Paul PetersComment