The Next Story

If you have to narrate it, the audience might understand, but they’ll no longer care.
— David Mamet

One of the things I am always hungry for is knowledge. I go to workshops like the Midwest Writers Workshop. I take online courses like those offered by Jessica Lourey. There are endless articles and blog post from someone I admire greatly Jane Friedman. The book by Stephen King called On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft is a must re-read dozens of times and underline.

Still, here I am watching again, the Master Class on writing from David Mamet, and it jumps out to me. It hits me over the head, grabs my face and forces me to hit rewind three times to make certain I hear it right.

Caring about the characters, tuning back in after the commercial break, watching the next reel to see if Flash Gordon survives, is about writing good lean drama. This arrives from good editing.

Combustible Punch is going through that good lean re-writing and editing to make it great for 2019. Stay tuned to see if Flash makes it. 

Paul PetersComment