Doctor Who

Like many of you, the leftover refrigerator box became my entry point into a new world of imagination in youth. It just happened that the same summer the new unit was purchased and delivered two great television moments happened.

First, the BBC series of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy aired on our local PBS station. It was a "dad" weekend, so we were at his place. The first three episodes aired and we watched them together. I stayed up late into the night (something mom would not have allowed) after he went to bed. That evening I watched the entire show in one viewing. I didn't know what it was, but I knew I loved it.

Second, the BBC series of Doctor Who started to air on PBS. Saturdays, once filled with Godzilla, Johnny Soko and his Flying Robot, or our local creature features host Sir Graves Ghastly was now replaced by Tom Baker as Doctor Who. Tom Baker, you see, was the 4th incarnation of the timelord. In the UK, it aired between 1971 and 1981. In the US, we got the whole series one summer on our local public broadcasting.

Over this last weekend, I drove to Indianapolis Indiana. 20 minutes south of the airport is one of, if not the only, Doctor Who stores in the US. Half the location is memorabilia and the other half items to purchase. I intended to look but not buy. I found several items in my car driving home.

Tonight, like many nights in my life I watch the latest episode. The writing is thoughtful, the plots interesting, and it is always full of good science fiction.

Paul PetersComment