Good ideas and where to find them

I am watching Doctor Who, and in next week's previews, there is a concept I have been exploring in the last year. There are times when these ideas are so close the mark, not this one, but others, when one wonders if there is a reason to be paranoid. Is someone watching me and stealing my ideas?

No, no, that is silly nonsense.

What is more likely, the patterns of thought exploration aligned with what we are sharing. If your diet of entertainment is all Star Wars, you have a different sense of Star Trek. Watch horror and zombie movies, and you are going to pick up on the patterns of plot and story. Reading only the Harry Potter series? You are going to crave more Potter and muggles.

Where do we get good ideas? A well-balanced consumption of different ideas. I find that more ideas come to me through music and art exploration than just stories. Stories need to be a mix of popular, old, and classic. In other words, don't just take today's authors alone, research who inspired them, and the generation before them.

I am sorry to see that two years from now when this particular book arrives on store shelves, I will likely need to defend the question, "did you get that from Doctor Who?" Because the concept was out there, in the ether, waiting for a few of us to suck it in and see where it takes us.

I say run with your new idea. Take it out for a jog, exercise it, introduce it to other concepts and it may grow into something unusual and unique only you can call yours.