How do you discover your next favorite book?

How do you discover your next favorite book?

My good friend gave me two of my all-time favorite books, now I need her to do is again!

Books are one of the most given gifts. If you celebrate Christmas, a birthday, or graduation a good book is always considered an appropriate present. These two works, Gone Girl and The Goldfinch, introduced me to authors I wouldn’t have explored on my own. I ended up devouring all of their works. A good story is like that. It builds trust and affection for the author that they will be able to give you the same experience again. Sadly, that is not always the case. Still, I hold out hope.

When I think about this more, I scratch my head and wonder, “How else did I find all these wonderful books?” Sometimes we stumble on work. Other times there is a great recommendation on the radio, or podcast, and trusted sources like a sexy librarian (all librarians are sexy to me) or well-read store clerk.

Are you finding the reviews more difficult to trust?

While great resources each, it is getting more difficult to trust some reviews. I go through Goodreads, LibraryThing, WattPad, reddit, and the like. “I LOVE THIS BOOK” are half the ecstatic reviews. “Meh, I couldn’t even finish it. It was such a bad story,” written by the person who provides 5 Stars each to the most comfortable blanket, car jack lift, and “Herman’s Head” television series on Amazon. It’s a little difficult to trust either of them completely.

The goal is 3.5 stars or “It’s okay.”

I am finding that most honest way for me to find a book, is to find someone who has a similar reading interest as mine. One of those honored few is the ones who gave me both of those book mentioned above. Trouble is, when you ask her about any book the answer is, “Eh, it’s okay.” So the best I am shooting for, what I really am hoping for, is that solid 3.5 starts. It seems to be the ideal work. Enough great reviews and enough pissed off people who curse your name, and you get to find that precious gold between 3.5 and 3.7.

How do you find your favorite books? Take this six-minute survey and let me know: Reader Survey

Here's the thing... in a few short years, AI, big brother, super smart computers will be writing reviews, and providing recomendations. These will be based on the algorythms designed by the big houeses to sell you more. Still, before that happen, while we have this chance together, your help in taking this survey would help me.