Linnea Sages bring new life to Mr. Memory and Other Stories of Wonder

Newly released on Audible, Mr. Memory and Other Stories of Wonder has gotten a new life through the voice of actress Linnea Sage. This collection of short stories includes four on a life filled with adventure and passion of Mr. Memory. In a world where he is known for as a television personality, his unique abilities of recall through the product of synesthesia allow him to give one last amazing interview for the world.

Individual stories also included “The Illusionists Daughter” about a young and brilliant woman dealing with the trickery left behind by one of the ages great artists. “A Wing and A Prayer” is a sort that includes a Priest, a Rabbi, and an Imam at an airport. What follows is no joke but a wonderful tale of friendship and respect.

In total these ten short stories are perfect for travel, during your commute, or just the pure enjoyment of story.




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