Pandora and the New Year

Pandora, or as some called her Anesidora, was the first and favorite of her father. He was powerful and held high status. Each person that worked with her father gave her a gift. All of the gifts were placed in a special container. At a certain age, curious about what was in the container, Pandora opened it. Everything escaped, but one item, hope.

You have heard this story before. It's a tale that was told to you more than once. The design was to help shape your thoughts and ideas into our society.

What is most interesting about the conventional telling of this theodicy is what the gifts in the box are. In nearly every version of the retelling, the gifts are "the evils of the world." This teaches us to be cautious about gifts. This teaches us to control our curiosity. What stands out to me in the recent re-reading of this story, is that Hope is considered one of the "evils of the world."

All of the evil leaves the container except for hope in the story. For all of the generations and retelling, this remains constant. Hope, stays under the lid in the container. Pandora holds on to hope could be one interpretation.

Instead, consider this. Hope is the lack of action. Hope is something we hold on to, or hold out for, but hold on tightly we must. It is not a plan. It is not an activity outside of wasted energy unto itself. Hope is all that Pandora had after letting loose on the world great evil. It holds her back from reversing her lousy choice, prevents her from capturing and returning evil into a secure container, imprisons her for all eternity as the spark of all the badness.

I will note hope you have a great New Year. I will help you achieve that by telling you to make a plan and take action. Do not linger in hope. Take action in this New Year. It will be what you make it.

Paul PetersComment