This Year's Love - A story in progress

In the not too distant future, a boy meets a girl in a blindsided collision on Adelaide Street in Toronto. She is an extraordinary woman. He is a businessman working the biggest account of his career. A stranger in a foreign land, she lands more than a playgrounds hit to show interest and carries him through this critical day finding an unexpected attachment to each another.

This is the story I am writing.

There are two chapters posted for you to read at the moment. Each week, until complete, I plan to update that page. My goal is to provide you a chapter each week. Sometimes there might be one: other weeks two, or part of something.

Posting a serial is not new. I’ve tried it before on a story that failed. But this one feels right. The outline is there. I feel you will enjoy it.

You can watch and read as the craft takes place in the first draft. Keep in mind that the first draft of each of my works (outside of Peter in Flight) is pretty different than the release.

For you, my reader, I imagine you have 10 minutes during coffee, or a ride on the transit and are desperate in finding something passionate that moves you.

You, my dear reader, are on my mind while I travel each week to strange and distant lands. I ask, “How can I thrill you? What will make life, if even for the shortest moment, less difficult?”

While your next favorite thriller, “Combustible Punch” goes through the last steps before publishing I want to give you this. I hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to post your thoughts at the bottom each week of what you like, what you hate, spelling and grammar, or just a gut feeling.

Thank you for following!

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