Who are victims of the shooting?

Shootings, mass shootings, or school shootings, are too common in the United States. This is not a brave statement to make. It is the one statement both sides will agree on before running to the political coverage moments after the news breaks. 

Who are the victims?

In the image below, we see the questions posted (updated on the date of this posting) for the terms "school shooting." The questions grouped in the common Why, Can, Where, Who, Which, When, Will, What, and the one that stands out to me Are. Who are the school shooting victims?

This image is from a resource I use as an author called "Answer the Public" The tool provides a visualization of keywords. For humans, data is not easily consumable in large volumes. Visualizations help us to relate and understand, even provide new insights and new information when we can make connections and correlations. While the data is difficult, the emotions are real.

While the data is difficult, the emotions are real.  

The events are all too common. A killer finds its targets, and from the first entry wound, the impact spreads. Like a virus, proximity is key to the speed at which it affects you. The victim is first, then those nearby. Next, are the responders, 911 operators remaining calm to clarify information and direct first on the scene. Heart racing these brave few are asked to face the unthinkable, unable to remove it from memory. Family, friends, and the community soon follow. Tears roll, casseroles bake, memorials are organized.

The sadness will last forever

How long will the impact of these events last? For some, the sadness will last forever. It is a daily struggle to move forward. Some use the name of the victim in positive efforts to make changes in the world; others take that energy and go a darker route holding tight to the pain.

In my newest novel, Combustible Punch, the main character Rick Philips, is the survivor of a school shooting. The price he paid to live was high. The burden carried the rest of his days are heavy. It is what I hope an honest reflection of those who are brave to carry on with life and continue the healing will recognize. Similarly, there is no hiding the fact that there is evil in the world. It lives in more people around the world than we would like to contemplate most days. They remind us how fortunate we are not to be the victim, the survivor, or the perpetrator spreading madness.

Who are victims of the shooting? We are all harmed, injured, duped, or tricked by the actions of those filled with enough hate to kill.

If you are able, please take time to support the American Red Cross

Paul Michael Peters author of  thrillers ,  suspense ,  and the unexpected

Paul Michael Peters author of thrillers, suspense, and the unexpected

Top-selling author Paul Michael Peters is an American writer of thrillers, suspense, and the unexpected. He is best known for his twists and take on the quirky tangents of contemporary life. Combustible Punch, a thriller, is scheduled for release August 13, 2019.

His upcoming novel, Combustible Punch, explores the psychological dance between that most unlikely of odd couples: a serial killer and a high school shooting survivor.

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