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Paul Michael Peters is author of Insensible Loss, Mr. Memory and Other Stories of Wonder, The Symmetry of Snowflakes, and Peter in Flight. Killing the Devil is his most recent collection of work. Learn what readers love about this collection below.


Killing the Devil - A collection of short stories about good people facing evil

The devil is a liar. He is a deceiver, a murderer, and a cheat. The devil takes on many forms to tempt you to do wrong. But what if you could stop him? Would you give up everything to save the world from sin? Or would you rather party in hell with the sinners than be bored in heaven with the saints?

When Tex Bryant decides to rid the world of the devil, little does he know he’s going to become the very thing he despises most. His journey as the ultimate evil takes him from city to city, where he leaves only destruction in his path. Nothing can save his soul from eternal damnation . . . except perhaps the woman he never stopped loving.

Insensible Loss

When Olivia becomes a volunteer at St. John’s hospital for NODA (No One Dies Alone), her first patient is Viktor Erikson, an elderly man whose hand she is to hold until, hopefully, a family member arrives.

In the last hours of his life, Viktor asks Olivia to read aloud the ancient leather-bound book he carries with him always, The Ethics of Immortality. As Olivia begins reading the story of Viktor and Morgana Erikson—who sail the seas, find adventure, and plan to live together forever—she assumes that it is a fictionalized account of her patient’s ancestors. After all, how could the same Viktor be alive in both 1839 and now in 2053?

But the deeper Olivia delves into the story, the more she begins to question. Could this be the same Viktor? Is Morgana coming to save him? And did they really discover the water of life?

Mr. Memory and Other Stories of Wonder

Uttering the name Mr. Memory evokes the live performances and talk show appearances when he would impress the world with his abilities of recollection. His clarity of remembrance has kept listeners captivated for days while sharing the adventures of his life. In this collection of short stories, we learn the truth about Mr. Memory, the fantastic gone unseen, and a world of wonder which can inspire us to believe.

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The Symmetry of Snowflakes

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and twenty-nine-year-old business owner Hank Hanson is about to tackle the annual challenge of visiting every one of his relatives. The product of a blended family, Hank has parents, stepparents, and former stepparents—not to mention an assortment of siblings—and feels the responsibility to see them all.

To give structure to his unconventional network, Hank compares it to a snowflake’s intricate design. The only missing piece in his life, the element that would form that rare, perfect snowflake, is the love of an amazing woman.

When Hank meets Erin at the Thanksgiving Day parade, it seems like she might just be that woman—until pressures start to mount with his family and business, and secrets about Erin’s past spill out.

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Peter in Flight

Peter can tell you how to run a great marketing campaign. He can tell you everything there is to know about successful trade show programs. He can tell you stories about the thousands of people he has met, miles he has flown, hotel rooms he has stayed in, and ways to work the system to your advantage when you travel. But he can’t tell the woman he loves how he feels.