So, here’s the thing…

For my next book, Combustible Punch (your next favorite thriller) I need help choosing a best selling book cover. In March I held a contest between graphic designers on a site called 99designs. So many great ideas and top talents came together during those weeks to submit very cool concepts for Combustible Punch. I couldn’t choose just one, and named two winners, purchasing the rights to both. Both covers are great! To quote the Highlander, “there can be only one.” Help me! Vote for your favorite book cover. Leave a comment about why your favorite should win.


Combustible Punch - Flaming Glass

Blue Bullet Flame

Combustible Punch

Combustible Punch - Spilled Drink

Spilled Drink

Combustible Punch

Need help to decide? Here are the first two chapters as a preview COMBUSTIBLE PUNCH or download a PDF HERE