The Symmetry of Snowflakes
By Paul Michael Peters
The Symmetry of Snowflakes
By Paul Michael Peters

Escape from your hustle and bustle of the holiday's to see the complexity of this family.

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"This was an unusual read for me, as I tend to avoid the light, fluffy rom-com stuff. But I gave it a go because I was hoping for some version of Four Christmases without the annoying presence of Vince Vaughn. Plus, there really don't seem to be too many Thanksgiving novels out there.

I was pleasantly surprised. This goes W-A-Y beyond romantic silliness and turns out to be a fairly involving look at family relationships. For it seems, Hank's dad, who has been a pretty big rat in the past, desperately needs Hank's help. Just to complicate matters, the old man is now married to the first girl Hank's brother ever loved. And she's now making eyes at Hank." Melki on Goodreads - Full review here.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was not what I expected at all. I was expecting a mushy gushy romance but instead I got something very real and raw. It wasn't all butterflies and rainbows between Hank and Erin, there were also some surprising twists on almost every page!" - Desirae Brown - Full review here


Hank balances his network of relationships by thinking in terms of a snowflake’s design. But where does that leave Erin, who disrupts the equilibrium even as she makes him feel complete?
     It’s the day before Thanksgiving and twenty-nine-year-old business owner Hank Hanson is about to tackle the annual challenge of visiting every one of his relatives. The product of a blended family, Hank has parents, stepparents, and former stepparents—not to mention an assortment of siblings—and feels the responsibility to see them all. 
To give structure to his unconventional network, Hank compares it to a snowflake’s intricate design. The only missing piece in his life, the element that would form that rare, perfect snowflake, is the love of an amazing woman.
     When Hank meets Erin at the Thanksgiving Day parade, it seems like she might just be that woman—until pressures start to mount with his family and business, and secrets about Erin’s past spill out. 
     In the vein of Empire Falls and Wonder Boys, The Symmetry of Snowflakes explores the complexity of modern life and relationships and the precarious nature of love.