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Hitting Stores AUGUST 13, 2019

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Rick Philips isn’t a fighter – but he is a survivor

Haunted by memories of a high school shooting, not even the bottle can wash away the gnawing guilt and creeping feelings of inadequacy that batter Rick’s conscience daily. 

His life has been a mess of broken marriages, writer’s block, terrible choices, and the morbid pity of others.

When he meets Harriet at a writer’s conference, the record doesn’t scratch as he falls back – only this time, he may not get up.

Harriet Bristol Wheeler is a dark temptress – and self-confessed serial killer

Harriet has no problem killing – and even fewer issues blending back into the background after the act with the cool, calculating eye of a practiced social chameleon.

Manipulative, unpredictable, and exceptionally intelligent, she’s Rick’s worst nightmare – and the ideal subject for his next book.

A book that they are both desperate to write. 

Time is running out – but the sadness will last forever

Rick has no choice but to enter the cracked twilight of Harriet’s world and confront the history of her murderous choices up close.

As Rick starts to gather the evidence for his long-anticipated book, he finds himself looking into answers that put him in even more danger than before – but this time, he may not survive at all.

Free Chapter Preview

Combustible Punch: a thriller by Paul Michael Peters

Combustible Punch

A thriller by Paul Michael Peters

Paul Michael Peters: The Complete Collection of Short Stories 2012 - 2018

Paul Michael Peters The Complete Collection of Short Stories: 2012-2018

Tales that are perfect for coffee breaks – but beware; like chocolate, they lure the reader into just one more. Paul Michael Peters has created a magical collection of stories that help the reader look at the day from a different perspective. This is a collection that once you start you can't put down. Stories are perfect for anyone trying to fit reading into a busy day.


Collection of Work

Killing the Devil by Paul Michael Peters

Killing the Devil by Paul Michael Peters

Killing the Devil

After you read this book, you will understand that you are responsible for your own darkness.

The devil shows up when you go look for him. If you don’t prickle and jag with him, you may never meet him. He only comes when you call him and when asked. People who stay put and quiet do not interest him. He feeds on fear, hate, and other negative emotions, and finds a fertile ground whenever someone plants these seeds.

What is the deal with the devil? In this book, he is “harvesting” after an earthquake in which family members have been lost, he is a drop-in stranger impregnating a baby-starved mother, a pastor who fights his demons by seeing the devil in his father’s face, reviving a love story from decades ago by threatening with an imminent lynch, and a celebrity who turns into an abusive nutjob.

However, Tex has originally destroyed his own life when he left Jessica, the only woman that he loved. Is there a redemption for him? Well, once you start teasing the devil...

Insensible Loss by Paul Michael Peters

Insensible Loss by Paul Michael Peters

Insensible Loss

If you had the chance to live forever, would you take it?

2053: An old man, Viktor Erikson, lies on his deathbed. Alone and with no known relatives, he is tended to by Olivia, a nurse. He has only one request: that she reads to him.

The request is not unusual, but the battered, leather-bound tome she must read is no ordinary book. Written in 1839, it chronicles the discovery of the fountain of youth by Morgana de la Motte – and Viktor Erikson.

What starts off as a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas in search of riches and eternal life soon transforms into something quite different: a clash between two personalities bound by love and deceit, locked together by a terrible burden of necessity.

What lengths would you go to – and what price would you pay? 

As Oliva reads through the ancient book, she discovers a quest for truth and meaning as Viktor and Morgana relive the greatest sufferings and sorrows of humanity, over and over again.

In such a timeless loop, can Viktor or Morgan save their own true selves? Or will their unstable alliance, forged on the fine line between love and hate, turn into a tangled web of deception?

Insensible Loss is a dark historical thriller, breathlessly following Viktor and Morgana through a centuries-long adventure. Switching between the present and the past, Peters’ masterful storytelling make this fast-paced, imaginative epic a bold exploration of a past spiraling out of control – and a future that has never been more uncertain.

Mr. Memory by Paul Michael Peters

Mr. Memory by Paul Michael Peters

Mr. Memory and other Stories of Wonder

Uttering the name Mr. Memory evokes the live performances and talk show appearances when he would impress the world with his abilities of recollection. His clarity of remembrance has kept listeners captivated for days while sharing the adventures of his life. In this collection of short stories, we learn the truth about Mr. Memory, the fantastic gone unseen, and a world of wonder which can inspire us to believe.

The Symmetry of Snowflakes by Paul Michael Peters

The Symmetry of Snowflakes by Paul Michael Peters

The Symmetry of Snowflakes

Hank Hanson’s family is not only blended; it’s pulverized by the weight of its own perfect symmetry

To the casual outsider, Hank Hanson’s life might seem idyllic. As a successful businessman on the verge of a major business deal and an all-around good guy, few get close enough to see the troubled soul underneath his open face.

The product of a family fractured many times over by his parents’ multiple remarriages, Hank spends his Thanksgivings running a miserable, thankless gauntlet of visiting multiple family members.

One Thanksgiving, he takes an unscheduled detour and meets Erin Contee, a woman who might just be too good for him – but at the same time, perfect. As the two grow closer together, Hank believes he has finally found the missing piece in his fragmented life.

He has a beautiful girl, great friends, a business, and a family – so why does he feel so bad?

Just as Hank starts to believe that he has finally found everything, Erin reveals a dark secret own past, shattering Hank’s romantic vision with the blunt force trauma of reality.

As Hank struggles to come to terms with Erin’s past and their future together, he must also deal with his family’s drama creeping into his home and business. Will Hank be able to do the right thing – or will he succumb under the weight of his own mistakes?

The Symmetry of Snowflakes is not just another contemporary love story. Peters has created an intricate, yet symmetrical world for readers to explore and ponder on the endless complexity and fragility of human relationships – and the unyielding drama that inevitably accompanies emotional realities outside of the romantic ideal of true love.

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